A woman is murdered. Her husband powerless to help as he’s forced to witness her brutal and painful death.

A killer who’s inflicting the most horrific of deaths…and he’s only just started!

Innocent lives have been taken but the pact had been made. Two damaged souls. And a life that would destroy them both. 

DI Scott Baker and his team are back with another gripping case, as they investigate the horrific slaying.

As the body count rises with exactly the same MO, Scott and the team pull out all the stops in a race to find the lethal and calculated psychopath before it’s too late.

With no motives and no forensic evidence, the cases are going nowhere. Scott never expected to receive a call that would change the path of the investigation.

Suddenly, Scott’s looking over his shoulder. Is he becoming the hunted?

Or is the killer playing a game of cat and mouse?