They say that school’s the happiest time of your life.

Perhaps not.

Edmunston-Hunt boarding school. An exclusive establishment for the elite. Steeped in history, shrouded in secrecy, bound by traditions and known for its discipline… it’s not your average school.

A series of suspicious deaths brings the school to the attention of Sussex Police and Detective Inspector Scott Baker who’s thrown into the murky world of elite education and tradition.

A wall of silence hinders his investigations, his own force question his tactics and his team are put in danger.

Are cryptic clues left at each murder scene the killers tag or message?

As Scott is exposed to the brutal traditions of boarding school life, his own personal life takes an unexpected turn following a series of events which leave him questioning if someone’s out to get him.

As he closes in on the killer, disaster strikes. Cara is in danger, his team are in danger, and Scott faces a life or death crisis.

Will they come out of this intact?

Yes, school is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but the message hasn’t reached everyone at Edmunston-Hunt Boarding School for Boys.

Retribution is the third gritty police procedural in the DI Scott Baker Crime Series.

Retribution is a murder mystery thriller peppered with a sprinkling of romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunnit set in the coastal town of Brighton on the south coast.