Scream! Scream Louder! Suffering in silence is not an option.

Shadows of the night bring fear. Children are missing. Parents hide in terror.

The end of summer heralds a time when everything slows down, but for DI Scott Baker and his team, everything speeds up as body parts turn up around Brighton. The murders are both horrific and beyond anything Brighton CID have witnessed.
A sadistic killer is targeting the children of asylum seekers, leaving them dumped and mutilated.

The young victims experienced unimaginable horrors in their final moments.

Scott’s holiday and his blossoming relationship with Cara appear a distant memory as he’s thrust into tracking down a ruthless killer and identifying the innocent victims. A wall of silence and a terrified community who trust no one, especially the police, forces Scott to reach out for help as the case spirals out of control.

Frustration hangs over Scott like a stormy cloud, as officials and hostile locals undermine the team’s progress.