“Their Innocence comes at a price…How far would you go to protect it?”

A girl’s body washes up on the beach. She needed to be silenced. But what secrets did she take with her to a watery grave? Secrets so dark she had to be eliminated.

Detective Inspector Scott Baker and his team are thrown head first into their most challenging case to date. What did the girl know that led to her violent, slow and painful death. As they dig deeper, evidence emerges of an organised trafficking and teen prostitution ring, where girls are commodities, their childhoods erased, and their futures uncertain.

The sudden death of a loving mother and devoted wife complicates the case. Is there a connection or is it a tragic random murder?

The investigation rocks the team to the core. Emotions run high as they uncover a dark, sick, twisted web of human depravity that causes Scott to question the notion of justice.

Scott faces his own demons as the case stirs deep seated grief that he fights hard to contain. Old memories race to the surface making him confront his difficult past and look to the future.

It’s now a race against time, can Detective Inspector Scott Baker save the girls from an unknown future of human slavery which offers one outcome…their eventual deaths.

Stolen is the latest gritty police procedural in the DI Scott Baker Crime Series. A story of injustice, greed, control and heartache.

Stolen is a murder mystery thriller peppered with a sprinkling of romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunnit set in the coastal town of Brighton on the south coast.