Do you love well told stories with strong voice? Do you love to think and feel as you swipe the pages? Find out why my readers are so happy by trying one of the awesome titles below!


Darkness was her only companion. A young woman’s body is discovered in a remote Sussex location. The female student had been held captive before she was tortured and killed in the most heinous manner. Detective Inspector Scott Baker and his team must uncover the events that led to her tragic death. The savagery of the […]

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They say that school’s the happiest time of your life. Perhaps not. Edmunston-Hunt boarding school. An exclusive establishment for the elite. Steeped in history, shrouded in secrecy, bound by traditions and known for its discipline… it’s not your average school. A series of suspicious deaths brings the school to the attention of Sussex Police and […]

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“Their Innocence comes at a price…How far would you go to protect it?”

A girl’s body washes up on the beach. She needed to be silenced. But what secrets did she take with her to a watery grave? Secrets so dark she had to be eliminated.

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They say crime never pays…well I guess these guys never got the memo!

With time running out, the race is on to find the serial killer taking out key players in the Brighton criminal underworld. Are the police too late?

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