About Jay Nadal



Crime Never Pays…Well yes and no depending on what side of the fence you’re on!

I’ve always had a strong passion for whodunnits, crime series, and books. The more I immersed myself in it, the stronger the fascination grew.

I live on my own, but have the pleasure of my two lovely daughters aged 21 and 16 coming to stay with me a few days each week. In my spare time, you’ll find me in the gym, reading books from authors in my genre or taking walks or enjoying walks in the forest…it’s amazing what you think of when you give yourself some space. Oh, and I’m an avid people watcher, I just love to watch the interaction between people, their mannerisms, their way of expressing their thoughts…weird I know, but I could spend hours engrossed in it.

My journey in crime writing has been helped by my lovely partner who’s a Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service here in the UK. She’s been amazing at giving me first-hand insights into the life of a serving police officer.

I adore Brighton having spent a lot of my life here, the diversity of people, the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere never dulls my enthusiasm for this beautiful and special city.

What I love: Krispy Kremes donuts, love hearts sweets, twirl chocolate (well all chocolate!), animals (especially dogs, cats, elephants, and meerkats…weird combo I know!), walking by the sea, laughing, emotions and kindness.

What I don’t like: Negativity, people who refuse to split a restaurant food bill equally, careless drivers and people who are impatient 🙂

I hope you enjoy the stories that I craft for you.