Eye For An Eye

His greatest pleasure was to make them watch.

A woman is brutally killed, her husband forced to watch her die.

DI Scott Baker is called in to investigate. Shocked by the extreme cruelty of the murder, Scott wonders who was the real target? The wife, or the now grieving and traumatised husband?

Then, a similar, even more horrifying crime – a whole family is killed in front of the mother. Scott and his team know it’s no coincidence because, like the woman in the first murder, all the victims have had their eyes removed.

But what connects the two crime scenes? And, most importantly, what connects the two people left alive?

As he hunts the killer, Scott finds himself unravelling a tangled web of gang wars, child exploitation and corruption. Which leads him step by step towards the deadliest confrontation of his career…

Eye for an Eye – the sixth in the gripping crime series featuring DI Scott Baker.

Previously published by the author as Isolation.