Dying Truth

Cade, drinker, smoker, retired badass cop and loveable rogue. 

He never took failure well.

With nowhere he can call home, Thomas Cade needs time out. Carrying mental and physical scars, and under a cloud of suspicion, Cade gave up his badge and gun with the Houston Police Department.

Alone and shutting himself from the world, he thought it would help.

It didn’t.

With nightmares haunting his dreams, Cade seeks the sanctuary of his family.

When Cade arrives, it’s anything but a sanctuary. Violence, corruption, and death simmer beneath the surface.

To his niece he’s Uncle Tommy, to the law breakers, he’s trouble.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Cade acts to protect those closest to him, as he fights to save his family and a town at risk of being wiped out by those who put profit over the community.

Grab your copy of this gripping crime thriller.