Never Forgotten

Ripped apart limb from limb, shattered bones, hearts caving in.

The past is never forgotten.

Dismembered body parts begin to appear at random locations in London, and that can mean only one thing for DI Karen Heath and her team, there’s a twisted killer on her patch. It’s only when detailed analysis confirms that the parts all belong to one victim, that the true horror hits home.

An elderly victim brutally killed in a manner which leaves the team shocked and confused, especially when the killer did little to hide their crime.

Was it a careless or deliberate act to leave their handiwork so exposed?

With few leads and little forensic evidence, the investigation takes a different turn as Karen has to search the victim’s past to find the answers. What Karen didn’t plan on was uncovering a series of tragic consequences, and a brutal regime that left a trail of broken minds and bodies. Could that explain her death?

Closer to home, Karen’s own search for the truth behind the hijacking takes a dramatic twist when new evidence comes to light that makes her question the motives of those around her. Who else was involved, and who can she trust? Karen has one choice… trust in her instinct and go it alone, which leads to a fatal conclusion.

Who will survive as shots ring out?

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