Time To Die

They thought they were done with the past. But it’s not done with them.

A local criminal is savagely killed, then another . . .

As the body count grows, Detective Inspector Scott Baker and his team are caught in a race against time as they hunt for a serial killer who is at once methodical and deeply disturbed.

The investigation soon reveals that all the victims have links to a terrible crime which occurred years before. Someone is looking for payback – and they won’t stop till everyone involved is dead, executed in the most brutal manner.

Scott knows he’s sitting on a time bomb – under relentless pressure from the mysterious assassin, Brighton’s criminal underworld threatens to explode, bringing chaos to the streets of the city.

As the killings become ever more savage, can Scott find the murderer before anyone else meets an horrific death?

Time to Die – the first in the gripping crime series featuring DI Scott Baker.

Previously published by the author as Greed

What readers are saying about Time To Die:

“A great start to the series, it was a compelling read with well developed characters and twists and turns galore. I really enjoyed it.” -Netgalley Reviewer

“Will keep you guessing, sending the pages flying by… riveted on the edge of your seat until it all comes together in a dynamite finish.” -Booksprout Reviewer

“I’m a sucker for a good police procedural and this one is good. Plot, location and characters are all spot on. I understand that this is the first in the series, so I’m looking forward to how this progresses.” -Netgalley Reviewer

“… great story, filled with action and logic. The suspense got me biting my nails and hoping that the good will prevail.” -Booksprout Reviewer

“… a great read and I would definitely love to read next of the series. Eagerly waiting.” -Netgalley Reviewer